Pros & Cons - Having An Outdoor Fire Table or Fire Pit

Pros & Cons - Having An Outdoor Fire Table or Fire Pit

The Charm of Fire Pit Tables: Are They Worth the Investment?

You've likely heard of fire pits, those cozy outdoor companions that make your garden or patio an all-year-round haven. But have you ever considered fire pit tables? That's right – a fire pit neatly tucked into a table.

Gathering around an open fire, whether in summer or winter, is a delight. However, as winter sets in, challenges emerge. You might wake up to find your fire pit and backyard buried under snow. Plus, those serene garden paths can turn slippery, posing risks on the way to your fire pit.

But what if I told you that you don't need to huddle at the far end of your garden to enjoy the warmth and glow of an outdoor fire? Thanks to modern rattan furniture with fire pit tables, you can dine, chat, and even roast some marshmallows well into the evening.

Imagine having a cozy rattan set and a source of warmth, turning your patio into a year-round paradise. It's like having a backup plan for those chilly evenings, complete with marshmallow roasting sessions and warm, snug nights.

And let me tell you, once you experience the charm of adding rattan furniture to your garden, you won't want to head back indoors.

Key takeaways:

  • A fire pit table not only offers warmth but also provides a handy surface for your items.
  • Also known as fire tables, these are outdoor furniture pieces that combine a fire pit with a patio table.
  • Fire pit tables are a safer alternative to traditional fire pits, offering an enclosed flame.
  • Ideal for late-night conversations and marshmallow roasting sessions on your patio.

What Is a Fire Pit Table? In the past, we had tabletop BBQs, compact grills that could be set up on tables, perfect for a quick burger or some s'mores. Then came fire pit tables, a fusion of modern garden furniture and fire pit charm. These patio tables feature a central fire pit that offers both ambiance and a safe, authentic flame.

Fire pit tables provide an added layer of luxury and convenience to your outdoor space. When the temperatures drop, you can still enjoy the great outdoors without hesitation.

Now, you might wonder about the difference between fire pits and fire pit tables. A regular fire pit typically has a simple base, often surrounded by pavers or bricks. In contrast, fire pit tables have a base but are integrated into a table structure. They usually run on gas and come with a burner, making them a convenient choice.

Different Types of Fire Pit Tables Let's dive into the world of fire pit tables, categorizing them based on fuels, styles, and materials.

Fire Pit Table Fuels: In the US, fire pit tables commonly use two types of fuel: gas and charcoal. Gas, particularly propane, is the more popular choice due to several advantages. It's cleaner, hassle-free, visually appealing, and safer compared to charcoal or wood-burning options. Gas fire pit tables are a breeze to clean and maintain.

Styles and Materials: Fire pit tables come in various high-quality materials and stylish designs. One popular style is the dining set, offering a mid-height profile ideal for intimate gatherings. Another option is the lower rattan coffee table set. As for materials, you'll find fire pit tables made of rattan, stainless steel, aluminium, and more.

How Do Gas Fire Pit Tables Work? Gas fire pit tables typically house a gas line with a portable gas tank underneath. The burners attached to the tank supply combustible gas, which ignites when you turn on the switch. Some models require mesh covers to prevent clogging, while others come with glass enclosures, offering a mesmerizing view of the flames.

How to Use a Fire Pit Table? Once you're familiar with operating a fire pit table, you'll discover that some models can serve as a BBQ grill. You can roast marshmallows or even prepare hotdogs, bacon, and kebabs while enjoying the table's convenient surface for utensils and sauces. It's not just about meat; you can even cook corn on the cob.

Are Fire Pit Tables Safe? Safety is a top concern when using fire pit tables on wooden decks or patios. Gas fire pit tables are generally safer than charcoal ones, as they eliminate the risk of sparks and flying embers. However, if you opt for a charcoal fire pit table, you must take precautions. Keep the table away from plants, railings, and hanging items, use a flame-resistant pad or safety zone, and always have covers or screens to prevent sparks from igniting nearby surfaces.

How Much Do They Cost? The cost of fire pit tables varies depending on the type and brand. In the US, you can find models ranging from $1,500 to $2,500, with rattan sets featuring built-in fire pits on the higher end. A quality fire pit table is an investment that's well worth it, offering years of outdoor enjoyment.

Who Are Fire Pit Tables For? Fire pit tables are perfect for those who love hosting al fresco dinners on chilly nights or enjoy late-night conversations by an open fire. Even if you have limited patio space, there's a fire pit table to suit your needs, making outdoor dining a breeze.

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